I enjoy music. Especially the ‘discovery’ aspect of music-hearing a song from a new band that I’ve never heard before that excites me. A lot of great, creative music gets lost out in the sea of never-ending blogs. Well, I’m adding one more blog to that sea-specifically to highlight music that I think hasn’t found its audience yet and deserves to. You won’t find illegal mp3 files here-generally links to each musician’s own bandcamp, soundcloud, or Facebook page(s). Much of the music will be from the Pacific Northwest, in particular the Puget Sound region. The majority of the music will be of the indie/alternative/americana/shoegaze variety. If you enjoy something here that is a new discovery to you, let me know! And if you have music you’d like me to post, shoot me a link, and I’ll check it out. I can’t promise I’ll like and post everything sent to me, but I’ll always take a listen.

Now, go out there and discover some new music.

To contact me, shoot an email to: chris_conkling@yahoo.com

You also can go and follow me over on Facebook as well.


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