Sundries: Upcoming shows this summer!


Seattle band Sundries has been on the scene for a couple of years now-playing all over town at a variety of venues. They have released several singles and an EP, All Good Daughters. Lead singer Sadie Ava’s voice at times brings to mind Seattle favorite Carrie Akre. Never Call My Name in particular recalls Akre’s band, Goodness, at times, with its soulful, edgy, chugging indie rock. The band’s sound can veer from off-kilter time signature math rock (Ribbon) to bluesy jams (I Found Perfection). While their songs can vary in style and dynamics, there is always a constant heartbeat that trademarks every Sundries’ song as their own. Head over to their bandcamp page to hear or purchase any of their music.

You would be wise to see them live-and there are many opportunities to do so this summer, as they are playing a variety of shows around town. Next up they will be at the Comet Tavern on July 14th, playing with Muscle and Marrow. I have a feeling they’ve been secretly huddling in a local studio recording new material-so my guess is you might just hear some new tunes this summer.


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