Kladruby Gold: Album teaser-Lure of the Stars


If you haven’t heard of Kladruby Gold yet, than you have been missing out. This Seattle-based band has been around for a little while, playing shows around the PNW for a little over a year. They put out an EP, To the Terminal, in 2012, and are getting ready to put out their debut full-length, Lure of the Stars, later this year. You can stream or download three songs off of the album over at their bandcamp page. OBC is a particular favorite of mine for driving with the windows down.

The band has a unique, dynamic sound that draws from a lot of different influences, self-described as “amerigaze”. You could draw comparisons to the National, Pixies, Tom Petty, and edgier New Wave; and Gary, the band’s lead guitarist, used to be in grunge favorites, TAD.

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, they are having a mini-NW tour in August to promote Lure of the Stars. They’ll be playing Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland. Visit the band’s website for tour dates. Their show in Seattle at Columbia City Theater on August 16th will definitely be one not to miss-they are playing with the Trouble Starts (see my earlier post about their new single) and Keaton Collective.


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